Lowry critical of make-up of Covid-19 Advisory Group

Photo © Tipp FM

The omission of a number of groups from the new Covid-19 Advisory Group has been highlighted by Deputy Michael Lowry.

The group will advise the Minister for Health and Government on how best to maximise Ireland’s medium to long-term preparedness against Covid.

It replaces the National Public Health Emergency Team.

Deputy Lowry says mental health, clinical nurse and paediatric specialists should form part of the body.

“The pandemic had a profound impact on people – increasing social isolation, loneliness, anxiety and depression.

“Referrals for mental health services increased significantly during the pandemic.

“The mental health system was struggling before the pandemic and failed badly to cope with the increased demand over the past few years.

“Mental health experts should and must be included in the new forum panel.

“It also defies logic that the nursing profession are not represented in the group.

“Nurses are the touchstone between the public and the health system. The frontline experience should be heard in any review of the pandemic and nurses representatives should be part of any planning for the future.”