13 UHL patients with Covid 19 with 3 at TUH

Photo © Pat Flynn

There are 326 patients with Covid being treated in Irish hospitals this afternoon – an increase of almost a third in a week.

Latest HSE figures show there are 13 patients with the virus at University Hospital Limerick and three at Tipperary University Hospital in Clonmel.

Latest figures show 59 patients in intensive care units – a slight decrease on yesterday’s total.

Dr Patrick Seigne – an Intensive Care Consultant at Cork University Hospital – says some people with the disease are still getting very sick.

“Some of these patients are in there for weeks and in some cases months. They get these debilitating weaknesses – it doesn’t only just effect your lungs it effects your neuromuscular system too.”

“So like you get a dose of flu – well if you multiply that by 100. A lot of these patients can’t even lift their fingers off the bed and that can take months to recover from”

Meanwhile, the INMO’s Trolley Watch figures reveal there are 247 people without a hospital bed this afternoon.

This includes 25 in Limerick and six in Clonmel.