Plans to create a digitised system for graves in Tipperary

Photo © Pat Flynn

This is part of a national plan which will be a broad scale community project with funding available for groups to carry out the work.

Local Cllr. Mark Fitzgerald says that many people would like to trace their family history and ancestry not just locally but visitors from abroad.

He told Tipp FM that the local authority archives would be a great place to start for interested communities.

“The County Council advised me that the archives of Tipperary County Council would be a good starting place as they would have a lot of records and not everyone might be aware that the county council maintain or are responsible for a lot of the graveyards in the county so you would be hoping that they would have some good records and indeed the locals in a lot of these area would have a lot of knowledge as well.”

Cllr. Fitzgerald told Tipp FM that this would be an important step for locals and visitors alike.

“They have traced their ancestors to an area like Cloneen or Fethard or that and they just want to come and pay their respects see where they came from and they get to the old graveyard in Cloneen and some of the writing on the gravestones is faded and that is kinda the last point, but if you could digitise it and have this portal or this platform where they could look up and see… and it would actually bring them right to the grave.”