O’Meara: Borrisokane deserves a bigger slice of the Community Recognition Fund cake

Nenagh Councillors have voiced their disappointment at the amount of funding the Borrisokane area has received under a Government fund.

The Community Recognition Fund is designed to support and reward communities which have welcomed families and citizens from Ukraine and other countries.

Almost €1 million was allocated to County Tipperary last month spread between 28 projects.

Borrisokane has been to the fore in welcoming asylum seekers and refugees – however Councillor Michael O’Meara feels their efforts have not been properly recognised.

“We were the first community to really embrace the asylum seekers and we opened the door in some ways for a lot of other communities and dispelled a lot of the fears that other communities had in relation to bringing in asylum seekers. It’s been very, very successful in Borrisokane and in some ways I thought that would be recognised but it seems not. The funding we have got is miniscule compared to other areas. The people of Borrisokane stuck their head above the parapet but that wasn’t rewarded under the Community Recognition Fund.”

€10,000 was approved for the Borrisokane Community Sports Ground while the Town Park was allocated €37,000 under the scheme.

Cllr O’Meara says any further Community Recognition Funding should include the Borrisokane area as the integration of asylum seekers has gone particularly well there.

“It’s been a tremendous success in Borrisokane – the families have integrated exceptionally well. They’re a great part of this vibrant community in Borrisokane now – involved in soccer, athletics and the newly formed tennis club in the town and indeed they have been integrated into the GAA club as well.

“I believe that the next time this Community Integration Funds comes to Borrisokane I would be hopeful and I would be fighting that we would get a bigger slice of the cake as they say.”