Kelly highly critical of GAAGO

Photo © Tipp FM

The GAA and RTE are under fire for their decision to limit so many games to online coverage only.

Local Labour TD Alan Kelly says there is huge anger amongst the public as many people are missing out.

The Tipp – Cork Munster Championship game over the weekend was one of 40 GAA matches which will not be shown on TV this year.

Deputy Alan Kelly says the decision to put the this and the Limerick/Clare game on the GAAGO platform ensured that many people were not able to watch two absolute classic hurling matches.

This was particularly the case for many elderly people who he says would not have the ability to stream the games.

The Labour TD says in areas of the country where there isn’t stable broadband it would be very difficult to stream satisfactorily the games.

He says the volume of matches that are being streamed on GAAGO is excluding people who have supported the GAA all their lives and this is not acceptable.

Deputy Kelly says a solution could be that the GAAGO channels be put on the Saorview platform and that they become an option which people could opt in or out of when renewing their licence for something like €5 or €10.