Efforts underway to track down illegal dumpers near Cloneen

Photo courtesy of Cllr Mark Fitzgerald

It is hoped those responsible for Illegal dumping in a South Tipp river will be identified.

On Saturday four window frames were dumped in the water by Drummen Bridge, better known as Boherboy Bridge, near Cloneen.

A number of agencies have been contacted including Inland Fisheries and the Civil Defence to navigate their removal as they pose safety concerns due to the large amount of broken glass in the river.

Cllr. Mark Fitzgerald has spoken to the enforcement officer with the county council who says those responsible can be hard to trace.

However he told Tipp Today the serial numbers on the windows could provide some answers.

“The chances are slim but at the same time I was talking to someone who works for a reputable window fitting company and he was saying that some of the windows would have been issued a serial number and if they were able to bring that serial number back to the window company there might be log of where the window was sold to or purchased from, so look fingers crossed because it would be great to see someone bought up on this because it is abhorrent behaviour to be honest.”

It is reported to have occurred in the middle of the day and there is no sure timeline as to when they can safely remove them from the area.

Local Cllr. Mark Fitzgerald says that litter and rubbish is becoming an even bigger problem across the county.

“It seems to be very bad at the minute and what makes it harder is this time of year you have a lot of growth there so a lot of rubbish is thrown into ditches an stuff and it is not seen until the tail end of the year. The litter enforcement officer, John was telling me and the man he is brilliant in fairness and he is flat out every day collecting rubbish on every road, by- road and side road in the county and he says he has never seen as much of it in the area.”