Clonmel woman encourages people to take part in100km in 30 days challenge

Breast Cancer Ireland 100km in 30 days courtesy of the event Facebook page

A Clonmel woman is encouraging people to take part in the 100km in 30 days challenge for Breast Cancer Ireland.

Schira Lane found a lump on her breast on a family holiday in February 2020, when she was just 47 years old and was diagnosed with breast cancer.

She is now calling on people in Tipperary to join the challenge in June and complete the 100km for the charity in whatever way they want.
Speaking about the importance of the event Schira also highlighted the need for it to raise awareness for younger women to get checked as breast cancer effects women of all ages:

” Women under the age of 50 do get breast cancer, yes the prevalence is most higher post menopause but for younger women, thousands of women are diagnosed every year.”

” My advice is know your body , get used to self examination.”

Registration is now open at