Cardiac surgery carried out on children and babies in Ukraine

Cardiac surgery was performed on young children and babies in the midst of the war in Ukraine thanks to the efforts of Chernobyl Children International.

CEO Adi Roche from Clonmel said that they supported a medical team to go into the war and carry out the urgent medical procedures last week.

Speaking on Tipp Today, she said that the work was extremely dangerous and couldn’t be revealed at the time in case they were targeted by Russian forces.

She thanked the people of Tipperary and Ireland for their donations, which are helping people on the ground in Ukraine.

“It’s the people of Ireland who enabled this very brave and very courageous mission to actually happen.

“Like all the doctors, the surgeons that were going out and the nurses, they were all literally risking their own life and limb to actually go out on this mission, because nobody knows what’s happening in an escalating war situation.

“They performed surgeries on those children and babies, literally their lives dangling in the balance and outside, the surgeons were telling us, they could hear the ongoing heavy fighting in the distance.”