Major drop in use of Digital Hubs due to Covid

Thurles Chamber Enterprise Centre. Photo: Thurles Chamber Enterprise Centre Facebook page.

The chairman of the Thurles Chamber Enterprise Centre says we need to re-examine the operation of Digital Hubs as Covid continues to impact on business.

Councillor Seamus Hanafin says there has been a major drop in usage of the facilities in the Thurles centre

Speaking to Tipp FM News he said there are just 2 or 3 people using the shared working space at the moment which is simply not financially not viable.

“What people required was not to be working in large open-plan spaces. What they were looking for was individual offices.

“I suppose if we’re going to be providing workspace for people we need now again to look at the kind of workspace that’s being offered because I think that that change isn’t going to go back. I think that people would much prefer to work in individual offices and that’s going to have an impact on how we provide the infrastructure that’s required.”

Seamus Hanafin says the current space could be adapted to incorporate individual offices.

“What we have seen is a demand for ‘second siting’ where businesses in some of the major urban areas are looking for satellite offices and there’s a significant demand for that.

“We’re in a position where we’re hoping to reconfigure the open-plan space that we had and to make that available and suitable for ‘second siting’ for businesses to come into and for one business to take over all of the area.”