Ahearn targets improved rural broadband as part of government talks

Senator Garret Ahearn

A Tipperary-based Senator believes that high-speed broadband for rural areas will be “high on the agenda” during Government formation talks.

Fine Gael’s Garret Ahearn thinks the lockdown has proven the ease with which many people can work from home.

He made the comments while urging local community groups to apply for Clár funding, which has set aside five million euro for organisations in disadvantaged areas.

He’s confident that the Government talks will focus on the potential for employment in rural areas.

“Well I certainly believe that what we’ve learned from the pandemic within business circles over the last two months is that it’s very easy to do remote working and work from home”.

“I think where we really need to prioritise is in terms of broadband to do that.”

“And I think that the next government will be putting that high on the agenda and as a Tipperary constituent representing Tipperary in Leinster House I’ll be making that a priority of mine.”