Banks to face questions today on tracker scandal

Photo © Pixabay


The Minister for Finance will meet the executives of 3 banks across the course of today about the tracker mortgage scandal.

The executives of KBC, Permanent TSB and Bank of Ireland will be the first of the bankers that wrongly took customers off trackers to meet Paschal Donohoe.

The Minister has convened separate meetings with the 3 banks but the what exactly he will threaten is the question, The Taoiseach has warned of addition bank levies if redress and compensation isn’t satisfactory by Christmas.

Minister Donohoe will brief the Cabinet this evening as their weekly meeting is a day early.

The Labour Party says the Tracker Mortgage scandal demonstrates once again that the Irish banking system cannot be trusted to deal honestly with the Irish people.

Tipperary Labour TD Alan Kelly says the Irish people have taken as much as they can stand.