Local horse rescue group says microchip details need to be kept up to date

Photo © Tipp FM

A Tipperary animal activist has said microchipping alone won’t stop horse neglect and abuse.

This follows on from Thurles Municipal District writing to the Department of Agriculture and Bord na Móna.

Councillor Seán Ryan called for stricter enforcement of microchipping, but Anne Williamson from Cappanagarrane Horse Rescue said this isn’t enough.

She told Tipp Today that horse abuse is widespread and not limited to just one group, but that microchips need to be updated.

“I like the idea of microchipping, but the problem with microchipping is, I’ve taken five horses out of Bórd na Mona that were in deadly danger, they were all microchipped, every one of them, but they were microchipped to the last owner.

“I’m sure he gave the passports to the people he sold the horses to, but they’re not going to own to owning the horse, do you know what I mean, because their name isn’t on the passport.”

She added that neglect and abuse is widespread and is not limited to travellers and their horses and animals.