Local Councillor says people in Thurles are being terrorised by dogs

Photot © Pixabay

Stricter policies need to be introduced around dogs in Thurles council estates.

That’s the message from local Councillor Jim Ryan who says that people are now afraid to walk on their street because there is a lack of control of dogs in these estates.

Jim Ryan says that the current policies around pet ownership within local authority housing are being flouted and causing distress for others in the area.

There have been regular reports of attacks, and bites, with many of the dogs barking into the night and making living conditions almost unbearable for some.

Speaking to Tipp FM Councillor Ryan outlined what he thinks needs to be implemented to stop this.

“If the dog warden has called they should be issued a warning about their tenancy with the council, and if they do not abide by that warning letter then they should be evicted.

“This issue is getting out of hand… there’s a small number of people who don’t care about their dogs or neighbours and they’re getting away with it.”