Advice for pet owners ahead of Halloween

Photo from Arra Vets Facebook page

The lockdown could add to problems for pet owners according to a local vet.

Fireworks are being discharged in both urban and rural areas of Tipperary in the run up to Halloween.

Mairéad Leahy of Arra Vets in Tipp Town says people having time on their hands could be adding to the problems

“I think people are a little bit bored with nothing to do and it’s definitely a huge issue.”

“We’re going to launch a video this evening or tomorrow with all the tips and tricks on how to keep your pet happy at Halloween.”

“The main thing is to keep them inside and build a den – you know yourself if you’re warm and cosy and in a little dark area that’s going to ease the nerves for anyone.”

“So warm, cosy and dry.”