The 5.45 – Rhea Hanton on new Domestic Violence legislation

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Today on Tipp FM’s evening news The 5.45 : 

In recent weeks legislation was enacted that means any victim of domestic violence can now avail of 5 days leave form work – with no questions asked.

There are a number of reasons this was brought in from stigmatization of Domestic Violence, to allowing court attendance without having to take holidays, to responding to an emergency incident or indeed any of the other impacts that are created through such abuse.

However, what I wanted to know is – was all as it seemed – would this help those who needed it, was it enough to give 5 days and what would employers need.

Sheila Naughton spoke to Rhea Hanton who is the Court Support worker with Cuan Saor the women’s refuge here in Clonmel about all of this and she began by telling me about the legislation itself: