White-lining program planned to get underway next month in Mid-Tipp

Photo © Tipp FM

It is hoped that the white-lining program will get underway next month in Mid-Tipp.

This will see areas where the road markings have been washed away in heavy rain repainted to ensure they are visible to motorists.

The Ballymureen box junction in Littleton is of particular concern and will be one of the areas included in their work.

Councillor Sean Ryan says this is a welcomed development as there has been concern locally.

“We’re told that possibly next month the white lining program will start and that it will be done in tandem with a lot of the road work programs. A lot of people have been concerned because we had very heavy rain last November, and that has washed a lot, particularly the box junctions; a lot of those white lines have been rubbed off because of the heavy rain. So, we’re told that that work has been contracted out and that it will start over the next couple of weeks. It’s a welcomed development.”