We Are Still Here Sean Ross Abbey Group welcome funding for survey

Funding approval for a geophysical survey on the grounds of Sean Ross Abbey in Roscrea has been described as a historic day.

The Commission of Investigation into Mother & Baby Homes determined that 1,078 babies died at Sean Ross in Roscrea while operating between 1931 and 1969.

The We Are Still Here Sean Ross Abbey Group say there are many questions left unanswered about the number of burials that took place on the grounds.

PRO Teresa Collins hopes this survey will provide answers.

“The Angels Plot was supposed to hold 268 infant deaths but when the investigation in inquiry came out they only had…they got the remains of 48 out of that.

“So gathering from that and from the death records that we have no way could it have been possible to put that amount in the Angels Plot as they said so they have to be buried somewhere else.”

Teresa Collins says for more than a year they have been engaging with Minister Roderic O’Gorman and the Department of Children and its Historical Burials Legislation Unit in compiling their application for funding.

“The next step now will be left to Roderic O’Gorman – he said that he would be in touch with us shortly with information and he would contact us with the next steps. And I want to sincerely thank him because he has been truly an absolute gentleman to us throughout. He facilitated us, he helped us out. You couldn’t ask for better – he guided us in the correct way and the correct manner in doing it with members of his own staff.”