New service up and running in Thurles after temporary loss of Meals on Wheels there

Photo © Tipp FM

A new service is up and running in Thurles today to replace Meals on Wheels.

The dinner delivery service took the decision to suspend their operations in that area because of health concerns surrounding the pandemic.

However, local groups and volunteers have come together to make sure meals are still being delivered to those who need them for the same cost.

Ciara McCormack is one of those involved and she says all hygiene and social distancing rules will be adhered to:

“The meals will be in take-away containers so there’ll be no plates to be collected. They’ll be left on the person’s windowsill or porch and obviously the drivers will use gloves.

“We won’t be going into anyone’s house. There’ll be no real contact. There will just be a note making sure the person understands what’s going on.

“We’ve talked to some family members of people, so it’s just to make sure that everyone is happy and safe and that’s the main thing I suppose.”

Meanwhile, the Cashel Meals on Wheels service has seen an increase in those inquiring about their services in recent days.

Cashel Social Services say they will continue to deliver meals on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Speaking on Tipp Today earlier Chairman Martin Lynch said they will be able to meet any increased demand:

“We’re lucky enough that we have the capacity to do that. The Meals on Wheels insn’t just for the elderly people – it’s for anyone who’s vulnerable in our society so we don’t discriminate between young or old.

“If you need assistance, or you need meals delivered or if you need any support… we’re here to help.

“You see a lot of people who use our service, they wouldn’t see anyone only us. It’s important that the service keeps going.”