Lowry: Staff retention issues must be addressed to reduce hospital waiting lists

Photo from Oireachtas

Issues with staff retention must be addressed if waiting lists are going to make progress according to local TD Michael Lowry.

He says that a high percentage of young newly qualified Doctors and Nurses choose to leave the country to work abroad after only a short period working within the Irish health system.

Last year alone 391 Visa Applications were granted to Irish Doctors to work in Australia.

In response the Taoiseach said there should be considerable investment by the State in our hospital system to a far greater degree than is currently the case.

Deputy Lowry says many medical professionals are struggling financially and cited some of reasons they have left the Irish system:

“Frontline staff are frustrated and demoralised.

“A significant number of older staff have retired, taking with them experience and skills.

“Older staff retired because of stress and burnout from working in our hospitals and medical practices so, this is a key area that must be tackled.

“If we cannot retain healthcare staff well then we are going to make no progress with the waiting lists and the problems that we have.”