Communications Minister promises further support to help stop local radio stations having to close

The Minister for Communications says he recognises local radio as an essential service during this crisis.

Pressure is mounting on Richard Bruton to announce further measures to prevent stations from closing due to loss of advertising revenue, with many arguing that merely waiving the broadcasting levy for six months won’t make a difference.

He has now promised that there are further announcements to be made in the coming days.

But says for now the same general measures revealed yesterday also apply for local radio:

“70% of the wages, up to €410 per week, of people in local radio can be supported. Now that’s a very significant financial support.

“We’ve also deferred for two months, the local rates. And that is a significant support.

“We have made available a waiving of the broadcast levy… We are working, and will finalise shortly, an additional package for local radio.”