Tipperary Cllr critical of Justice Minister and Garda Commissioner’s plan to abolish JPCs

Roger Kennedy - www.fiannafail.ie

A local Fianna Fail Cllr is criticising the Justice Minister and the Garda Commissioner.

It’s over a decision to abolish the network of Joint Policing Committees around the country.

The JPCs are a forum where Garda representatives, councillors and TDs, and other members of the community dicuss local issues and policies.

Former Tipperary JPC chair Roger Kennedy says this will be a disaster for local democracy:

”The Minister has proposed, along with Drew Harris, that JPCs would be abolished, and they would be replaced by community safety commissions.

”The idea in this is that, let’s say for a county like Tipperary, instead of having 15
Councillors and our five or six Oireachtas (TDs and Senator) members included in the JPC, that there would be only three, and the chair of the JPC would no longer be an elected member.

”This is detrimental to local government,” Cllr Kennedy insists, calling for the decision to be reversed.