Ardfinnan Canoe Club warn against dangers of stealing kayaking equipment

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The Ardfinnan Canoe Club has moved from their Scouts’ Field base to a new Cahir location further down the river.

Chairman Martin Lynch told Tipp Today that since the relocation to a more isolated area, a number of items and equipment have gone missing.

Despite the inconvenience of their equipment being taken, Martin wanted to provide insight into the dangers of taking club members’ equipment.

Last week, a sit-on-top kayak went missing and later turned up in a well-hidden area away from their base.

He highlighted the dangers a person may encounter by taking equipment and being out on the water alone without the correct training or equipment.

“One of the dangers that people don’t realise, we have our headgear, our wetsuits, like it is extremely dangerous for someone on their own to go out on the water. Along with taking the kayak, they could’ve put themselves in serious trouble.

“There’s a rule in kayaking and canoeing; lesson free, never be. There should always be three people in the water at one time, and at least one person who would know exactly what should happen in the case of an emergency.

“I suppose, along with the dangers of taking something on us, people need to be mindful that it’s not a toy.”