Anam Cara holds Tipperary meeting tonight for bereaved parents

A group that supports local parents who have lost a child says that they could be triggered or upset at this time.

Sharon Vard, the service manager with Anam Cara, which works with families in Tipperary says the news that Cristiano Ronaldo and his partner lost one of their new born twins could bring upsetting memories back for others.

She says that she felt for her after her own experience losing her daughter Rachel, and you feel robbed of the memories.

Sharon says that at times like this groups such as Anam Cara can help parents, particularly when it comes to celebrating holidays or milestones:

“Life is about celebrating those wonderful occasions, as we’ve learned.”

“Always remembering their little boy, it can be having a candle lit, it could be having another cake, with his name on it.”

” They are always with you, I always say, people ask how many children do you have I say I have three children but one of them died.”
Anam Cara are holding their Tipperary meeting in The Horse & Jockey Hotel, this evening at 7:15pm and all bereaved parents are welcome, regardless of the age of the child or circumstances of death.

For further information on this event and all other supports Anam Cara offer, their information line is 085 2888 888 or by email [email protected]