Unemployment drops by 20% in Tipperary

Photo © Pixabay

The Live Register figures for Tipperary continue their downward trend.

According to the latest CSO data there were just over 7,500 signing on in the Premier County at the end of March.

There’s been a reduction of nearly 200 in the numbers signing on the Live Register in Tipperary in the last month.

Central Statistics Office figures show there were 7,546 signing on between Tipperary’s eight Social Welfare offices at the end of March compared with 7,744 at the end of February.

Year-on-year there’s been a 20% reduction in the Premier County which equates to a drop of 1,860 since March 2018.

The numbers have fallen in all areas of the county since last year with a 31% drop in Cahir while they’ve fallen by a quarter in both Carrick and Tipp Town.

Over the last decade there’s been a 42% reduction in the numbers on the Live Register in the Premier – down from just over 13,000.