Calls for new differential rent scheme in Tipperary to be abandoned

Photo © Pixabay

819 council tenants in Tipperary have seen increases of more than 30 euro per week in their rent.

That’s according to Cllr Seamie Morris who obtained the figures from Tipperary County Council under the Freedom of Information Act.

The council also told the Nenagh based representative that around 444 forms had not been returned, meaning those tenants are paying maximum rent until they respond with their information.

The new rent amounts were due to come into effect on July 2nd, however it had to be deferred the end of the month due to some tenants not receiving notifications of the increases.

Some tenants had begun paying, but now cannot get that money back – instead the council are offering credit on their accounts.

Cllr Seamie Morris has called for the new differential rent scheme to be abandoned…