Jail for harassment of 10 year old boy in County Tipperary

Photo © Tipp FM

A man has been jailed in connection with an incident in County Tipperary in 2016.

The 54 year old Kilkenny man was convicted of harassment last year for following a then ten year old child.

The incident happened on March 25th 2016 when Gardaí were called to the scene of a suspicious approach to a child in a town in County Tipperary.

On the date in question a boy – who was ten years old at the time – was followed around a shop and then a field, before he ran to a bystander for help.

The whole incident lasted 27 minutes and the boy was in a distressed state when Gardaí arrived.

Following a Garda investigation Michael Davis of Shortallstown, Dunnamaggan in County Kilkenny was arrested on April 8th 2016.

At the trial last year the child’s father took to the stand and told the court the boy had no trust in adults and while he had previously been a happy, outgoing child, now he only wanted to stay at home where he felt safe.

Mr Davis apologised to the boy and his family in court for any distress caused.

He was yesterday sentenced to two years in jail for the offence with 1 year suspended. Davis has also been order to stay away from the injured party for 11 years.