Former Tipp All-Ireland winner urges people to be conscious of those suffering isolation

Photo from Pixabay

Nenagh businessman and All-Ireland winner Michael Cleary is encouraging people to maintain their awareness of those suffering from social isolation.

Speaking on Tipp Today earlier, he recounted one recent chat with another local in the town which, he said, gave them both a lift.

Cleary, who runs JKC Toymaster in the town, has been sharing his thoughts on challenges posed by Covid-19 and is worried that people have become a bit more discouraged recently.

“In the last half an hour I just cycled in from home which is about a 10 minute cycle. It’s just a thing of mine that I like observing people and if I met ten people even on the bike you just say ‘good morning’ or whatever. I would say 7 out of the 10 would barely acknowledge and you could see the weight of the world on their shoulders. And 2 or 3 people would say ‘good morning, how are you?’.

“And ultimately I think how you deal with everything depends your own attitude and your own outlook to life.”