Clean Ireland Recycling blown away by customer response

Photo from Pixabay

A local recycling service is thanking the public for the displays of gratitude shown by customers during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Staff at Clean Ireland Recycling have been continuing to make pickups in the midwest in recent months, and have even been receiving many cards and gifts to say thanks for their frontline work.

Head of Administration and Customer Service, Michelle Nagle, say the gestures have lifted the spirits of staff.

“It’s been everything from pictures, to cards, to little home baking treats left out, boxes of chocolates, Easter eggs at Easter weekend.”

“Even down the lovely gesture that An Post did where they sent the postcards out to people’s houses – people actually sent their postcards in to us thanking us for the work we were doing which we were really blown away with.”

“Because I suppose we are frontline workers and we were designated as an essential service but it’s a service people are paying for so you don’t expect a thank you the same way that the frontline health service workers who are putting themselves on the line.”