Resolution to beef dispute may be in sight as protests continue at ABP Cahir

Photo © Tipp FM

Farmers on the picket line at the ABP plant in Cahir are hopeful of a resolution to the dispute.

Talks are apparently set to take place which could see an end to the long running row over beef prices.

The protests have been ongoing for a number of weeks at plants around the country.

While some have been stood down unofficial pickets continue in Cahir and at a number of other meat factories.

A further 100 staff have been temporarily laid off at the ABP plant in Cahir.

This is in addition to the 355 lay offs earlier this week.

ABP says the action is a direct result of what they describe as the ongoing illegal blockades at the site by seven protestors.

Gardaí intervened in Cahir this morning when an incident occurred as a number of trucks tried to leave the ABP plant.

One of the protesters explained the background to the incident.

ABP claims the actions are now putting all jobs at ABP Cahir at risk, as well as the livelihoods of 1,300 farmers who supply cattle to the site.

They estimate the blockade has cost these local suppliers in the region of €6 million.

In a statement to Tipp FM this morning ABP said an estimated €5 million a week is being lost to the local economy in wages, cattle payments and fees to third party contractors.

However the protesters say they want a resolution to the dispute and get back to making a living.

Meanwhile a decision was taken last night to stand down the protest at the ABP plant in Nenagh.

Spokesman Liam Minihan said they felt the time had come to end their protest.

Speaking on Tipp Today earlier he said the threat of legal injunctions hanging over many of those involved made it impossible to continue.

The farmers involved in the Nenagh protest have thanked businesses and individuals who offered support and dropped in drinks and food during their picket.