Change in crime trends across Tipperary since start of COVID-19 outbreak

Photo © Pat Flynn

Crime trends across the Premier County have changed considerably since COVID-19 restrictions were first introduced.

Tipperary Crime Prevention officer, Tom O’Dwyer, says they’ve noticed that while burglaries are down, thefts from cars at scenic areas have risen.

He’s told Tipp FM that people clearly need reminding not to leave anything of value on display:

“Over and over again we find that people are going to scenic areas in particular and they’re locking up their cars but they’re leaving their valuables – either their handbags, or their purses, their mobile phones, wallets – leaving them visible in the car.

“Unfortunately then, when they come back from their walk, their car’s been broken into – window smashed and property taken.

“Really the cars with the property visible are the ones being targeted. So if you don’t need to bring property with you, don’t bring it. Certainly, don’t leave it in your car.”