Tipperary TD wants end to dumping of unused goods by corporations

Photo © Tipp FM

A Tipperary TD wants Government intervention to end the dumping of unused goods by corporations.

Sinn Féin are bringing a bill on the matter to the Seanad for debate this afternoon which will look for a ban on this practice, which Deputy Martin Browne says exacerbates environmental degradation.

He says that some brands have even been found to destroy goods in order to maintain exclusivity rather than passing them to a charity shop.

Deputy Browne is hopeful that other Government parties will; get in behind this :

We would be positive that it would get a good hearing and hopefully the backing of all parties… I have been on the Agricultural committee for the last number of years and we have been asking farmers, and all through the term of this Dail telling all different sectors in society that they must bring down their carbon emissions and that. Well here is perfect chance for other parties come on board and let’s put the blame where the blame really lies and it is with the corporations and that and make them responsible for the waste that they are producing.”

He says this requires strong Government leadership but something has to be done especially now as many people are struggling financially:

“The onus now should be on the large Corporations and the Multi Nationals, they are the ones producing these goods that at the end of the day they are not wasted, if not sold they should be passed back down along and we all accept that carbon footprint and we are going to be fined if we don’t start being it down our GHG Emissions this is where. Here is where corporations should be responsible and should be liable, for the amount of Green house Gases an Carbon Waste that they are doing.”