Goldsboro: Closing date for school transport applications fast approaching

Photo © Pixabay

Families in need of school transport for the first time in Tipperary are reminded to apply before the deadline.

If people in the county wish to avail of the services for the next school year They must register by next Friday April 28th.

Minister Norma Foley, has reduced fees for the coming year with a €50 cap per ticket for primary school students and a €75 cap for post primary.

The maximum amount any family will pay on school transport for the school year is €125.

Councillor Imelda Goldsboro outlined to Tipp FM who is eligible to apply.

“So a new applicant is somebody who is commencing primary school or first year in secondary school or a pupil who has moved home address and is attending a new school for the first time in September. So, I would urge everybody to make those applications and any application after this date will be considered late applications and families will not be guaranteed a seat for their son or daughter.”

Councillor Goldsboro says there are also other cost of living measures that have been introduced this year for those going to school.

“With regards to the Back to School this year there is €100 per child extra on the back to school allowance. For students in primary school Norma Foley has made the announcement that there are free books for all primary school kids. These are some of the cost of living measures that are being brought forward again this year. It is something that the government is cognisant of the pressures that are on families especially at back to school time and especially if you have a number of children attending both secondary and primary.”