Hogan: County Board needs to re-examine ticket prices

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Ticket pricing in this year’s Tipperary county championships have come in for some criticism.

Last weekend, the cost of a double header was €15, however, stand-alone games were also priced at €15 per person.

Former Tipperary manager Ken Hogan was giving his thoughts on the County Hurling Championship ticket prices on this week’s extra-time.

The Lorrha native believes a lower price would encourage more people to attend games.

“We need to have kids going to matches and to bring the kids to the matches we need the parents to go.

“Every kid should be given the incentive of going to the matches but if parents have to shell out €30 or €40, they are not going to go every Sunday.

“There’s a lot of matches on, a lot of attractive games, the County Board run their matches very well.

“We’ve seen it in rival counties like Kilkenny and Galway, they’ve streamlined their ticket prices.

“I think in this day and age, people are counting the coppers and from our perspective, we know the County Board has to keep running but I think €15 for one game is too much.”