Hogan: We have to accept that Corofin were the better team

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Lorrha manager Ken Hogan says his side simply weren’t firing on all cylinders in yesterday’s Munster Intermediate Club quarter final.

The lost out to Corofin of Clare on a scoreline of 3-18 to 1-14 in MacDonagh Park.

Speaking to Tipp FM after the game Ken said the better team won on the day.

“We definitely were off the boil a little bit today. These guys have been brilliant all through the year – fantastic in their commitment and what they’ve given to the club. We’ve had a whirlwind two years and I suppose we hit a road stop today.

“I think in fairness to Corofin they were really fabulous, fit, fast group of players – you’d know they were a dual-club. They knew how to use the ball, they played very well in the wintry conditions but hats off to MacDonagh Park again for providing the pitch and having everything good but I think we have to take our hats off and say the better team won.”