Hogan: 1987 Munster battle was an unbelievable few weeks

Tipp FM's Stephen Gleeson, with Ken Hogan, and Denis Kelly

The first battle to decide Tipperary’s Greatest Sporting Moment has pitted the 1987 Munster final winning Tipp team against show jumper Tommy Wade and his legendary horse Dundrum.

Tipp won their first provincial title since 1971 when they beat Cork in a replay.

Hurling fans in the Premier County fondly remember the day in Killarney when Tipp captain Richard Stakelum uttered the immortal words “The famine is over.”

Ken Hogan says the victory was one of the biggest days of his and the teams sporting career.

“It seems so long ago and such a distant memory but it will stand with us for the rest of our lives. We’ve become life-long friends, we have travelled together, we have met on certain anniversaries.”

“Thankfully we’re all still alive and intact – obviously the sadness of Theo English dying takes away from that because he was a huge part of that in the management group.”

Also in the mix today are the heroic and legendary performances in the show jumping world of the dynamic duo Tommy Wade and Dundrum.

Bred in Dundrum, the much loved and fondly remembered West Tipp horse and rider played a key part in winning the Aga Khan Cup in 1963.

Tommy’s sister Winnie Murphy says it was a remarkable achievement for a man who was largely at odds with the upper class air of the sport.

“Well the Aga Khan was always just army and in ’63 they decided to put civilians in.”

“Dundrum won it in the last round (for Ireland) – the first time in 14 years. God, there was tears that day I can tell you.”

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