Power: Promotion was a positive but Championship a disappointment

Photo from Kevin Hanly via Canva.com.

David Power admits that while gaining promotion from Division 4 of the League was a big step he is still ultimately disappointed with Tipp’s season.

The senior football manager was a guest on last night’s Extra Time here on Tipp FM where he reflected on Tipp’s exit from the Tailteann Cup at the weekend following their loss to Carlow.

The Kilsheelan native said while the Premier had to blood a number of new players gaining promotion by itself simply wasn’t enough.

“I’m a really bad loser, I’ll be the first to admit it.

“When I sit back and look at it I think we can actually be very proud in terms of – with the group of players that we had in the League.

“I think everyone outside of Tipperary would say it’s only 20 months ago since we won the Munster final.

“I’m extremely proud of getting that League promotion because we’re after nurturing a lot of new players. From that point of view, yes it’s been a relatively good season but I’d always base my season on the Championship and we just have not performed in the Championship and I’m not going to hide behind that.”