Tipperary boxer making her professional debut this evening

Shauna O'Keeffe pictured with her team from Clonmel Boxing Club. Photo from Martin Fennessy's Facebook page via Canva.com.

Clonmel’s Shauna O’Keeffe gets her pro career up and running in the famous York Hall, London.

O’Keeffe, who won a Senior elite National Championship in January takes on experienced Lithuanian boxer Vaida Masiokaite.

The fight gets underway at approximately 7.30pm this evening, however the fighters will be weighing in this afternoon.

Speaking to Tipp FM’s Ronan Quirke, Shauna describes how she plans on recovering after the weight cut.

“I’ll have my electrolytes, I’ll have my chocolate milk to just to get a bit of nutrients back in your body after the bit of a weight cut.

“Then I’ll have these little sachets of drinks where I’ll have my carbs and my glycogen and all that.

“Rehydration is probably the most important part at the very start and then I’ll fuel with food, I’ll go back and have a nap and then I’ll get u and be ready for war.”

Shauna’s opponent holds a record of 8 wins 20 losses and 5 draws but has been in the ring with a number of world champions.

Shauna knows what to expect from the 36-year-old.

“She has a lot of experience, she’s been in there with the best between Chantelle Cameron, Natasha Jonas, Rhiannon Dixon and Caroline Dubois last year as well.

“She’s quite an experienced journeywoman, she’s a really good opponent to have for my first fight so it will be me making a statement on Friday.”

Shauna’s fight can be viewed on YouTube live here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z0vniWELJ30