Large Garda checkpoint presence expected in Tipperary this weekend

Stock photo.

There will be a huge number of checkpoints on roads across county Tipperary this weekend.

That’s the warning from local gardai who are mounting a massive road safety campaign on what is traditionally the most dangerous weekend of the year.

Inspector James White is asking people to consider what they would do if the couldn’t drive to work.

Because he says that’s what could happen if you’re caught at a checkpoint:

“There will be a large number of checkpoints across the county of Tipperary.

“They are a deterrent, our ideal solution is that we have no detections but if a person wants to take that chance and drive while under the influence of drink and/or drugs, you will be detected if over the limit you will be arrested and if convicted you will face mandatory disqualification depending on the reading you have.

“So I ask people if you happen to be one of those people who could be arrested over the weekend, how will you manage if you don’t have a license?”