€5.5 million for Housing Adaptation Grants in the Premier County

Tipperary has fared extremely well in the latest allocation of Housing Adaptation Grants.

Over €5.5 million is being provided to the County Council for works in both local authority or privately owned house making it the highest in the country.

Clonmel based Councillor Siobhan Ambrose says the funding will be hugely beneficial.

“This enables people to stay in their own homes so you’re talking about access level showers, that you need to build on a bedroom or a bathroom, different kind of provisions like that that enable people to stay in their home.”

Cllr Ambrose is encouraging people with mobility issues to contact Tipperary County Council about availing of Housing Adaptation Grants.

“If it’s a case that you are finding it difficult get in contact with Tipperary County Council in terms of these grants because we got the highest allocation in the country which is pretty phenomenal.

“I just want to thank the staff in Housing too because these grants are being turned around very, very quickly – and they need to be in order to ensure that whether you have a disability or you’re elderly you have an opportunity to stay in your own home.”