Surviving Summer Car Journeys

Are you tearing your hair out on the road with the family? I know that you think its a ‘great idea’ to head off for the day, but, face it, you are twenty minutes in and you have fantasised about turning the car around at least 5 times!

The ‘are we there yet’ choruses combined with the odd verse of ‘I need to go to the toilet’, ‘I’m hungry’ and ‘I’m bored’, fill the car as you count to ten so many times that you are running out of numbers!

Obviously, this is largely dependant on the age of the children ( the older ones are probably silent with headphones in and phone in hand – with you checking the rear view mirror to see if they are in fact actually in the car!)
Here are a few ideas to help keep the car journeys fun this summer!

• Have a Quiz – topics such as music, sports, books or TV shows and movies..
• Make the journey part of the fun by getting everyone involved in the route – put together a map and draw landmarks to look out for, or road signs to tick off on a check list!
• Pull over for air every hour to alleviate the stuffiness in the car and energise the gang – unless everyone is asleep and in that case – DO NOT PULL OVER! Drive on and raech destination uninterrupted!
• Play the Alphabet game!Think of a country/ band or movie beginning with the letter A, B, C etc
• Try the memory game: I went to the sweet shop and I bought….. each person has to start at the beginning of the sentence and add a type of sweet or bar… while listing all of those that were already listed…. great fun!