Liam Cahill to stay at Waterford for coming year

Photo: Enda O'Sullivan

Liam Cahill has confirmed he will be staying as Waterford senior hurling manager for 2022.

The Ballingarry native had been favorite to take the role of Tipperary boss following Liam Sheedy’s departure.

In a statement released today, Liam Cahill said he was extremely grateful to have received approaches from the Tipperary county board in recent weeks.

Cahill, who managed Tipperary’s Under 21s and 20s to All-Ireland’s in 2018 and 2019, said the role of managing the Premier county was an extremely attractive one.

However, Cahill and his coaching partner Mikey Bevans felt to step away from Waterford now would be the wrong decision and have decided to stay with the Deise for the coming year.

The Ballingarry native says he has unfinished business with Waterford but says his desire to one day manage his native county remains intact.

The role of Tipperary senior hurling manager remains vacant, leaving the County board to continue their search for the ideal candidate.

Liam Cahill’s full statement:

“Since the Tipperary senior hurling managers role became vacant almost two weeks ago there has been widespread speculation surrounding the position.

“I have been the central focus of much of this speculation, so I think the time is now appropriate for me to clarify my position and allow both Tipperary and Waterford County Boards move ahead with their plans for next year.

“To be ever associated with the position of Tipperary senior hurling manager is a huge honour and I am extremely grateful to the County Board for their recent approaches in this regard.

“We discussed various matters and I can honestly say that making this decision has been the most difficult one I have had to make in recent years.

“Tipperary hurling has always been a huge part of my life and will always remain a core part of my being. I have spent several years working with underage players in Tipperary and we had some incredible moments together, which have left us memories that will last a lifetime. The quality of those players is exceptional, and I have no doubt many of them will eventually leave a mark at senior level.

“However, all major decisions involve a balancing and weighing of many factors before coming to a final conclusion. The position of the Tipperary Senior Hurling manager is extremely attractive and one I did not take lightly. Mikey Bevans and I felt duty bound to give careful consideration to Waterford after their response to us in the past two years.

“Since accepting the Waterford invitation to manage their senior hurling team two years ago the support we have received has been remarkable. The Waterford County Board has been unstinting in its backing for everything we did. The reaction of the players, even when difficult decisions had to be made, was exemplary. Their dedication and loyalty left a deep impression on both of us for whom loyalty is paramount.

“In the circumstances we feel that to step aside now from the Waterford journey would be the wrong decision and for that reason we will be staying with the Waterford Senior hurling team for the coming year.

“I fully understand that this decision will please some but deeply disappoint many others. I have never made a secret of my desire to one day manage my native county and that ambition remains intact. We would be hopeful that this opportunity would present itself again in the future when the timing is right.

“For now, my commitment is to the Waterford senior hurling team where Mikey Bevans and I feel we have a sense of unfinished business. We made significant progress in the past two years but we feel that there is still more to come from this incredible bunch of players.

“Finally, I would like to wish the new Tipperary senior hurling manager the very best of luck in his new endeavors.”