GAAGO release match schedule for 2024

Ronan Maher in action for Tipperary. (c)

GAAGO have released their schedule of games for 2024.

38 championship games will be shown exclusively on the streaming platform next year, including one of Tipperary’s games in the Munster senior hurling championship.

That’s the Premier’s second game of the campaign on May 4th away to Waterford.

Three of Cork’s four Munster hurling games will be on the platform, with their game against Tipp being the outlier.

In a press release, GAAGO says a number of pricing options will be released soon including a pre-Christmas annual pass price of €69 up until December 31st when the full €79 price will be charged.

The press release also adds that GAAGO will be accessible on Smart TVs and can be cast to TVs from mobile devices.

2024 GAAGO Match Schedule:

April 6th

CSFC Quarter final: London v Galway

April 7th

CSFC Quarter final: New York v Mayo

April 13th

April 14th

LSFC Quarter Final: Kildare v Westmeath / Wicklow

April 20th

MSFC Semi-final: Kerry v Cork / Limerick

April 21st

MSHC RR1: Waterford v Cork

April 27th

LSHC RR2: Antrim v Wexford

USFC Semi Final (Fermanagh / Armagh v Down / Antrim)

April 28th

MSHC RR2: Cork v Clare

LSFC Semi Final: Kildare / Westmeath / Wicklow v Louth / Carlow / Wexford

LSFC Semi Final: Dublin / Longford / Meath v Off / Laois

May 4th

MSHC RR3: Waterford v Tipperary

LSHC RR3: Wexford v Galway

May 11th

MSHC RR3: Cork v Limerick

LSHC RR3: Carlow v Kilkenny

Tailteann Cup Rd 1 game

May 18th

Round Robin SFC Rd 1 x 2 games

Tailteann Cup Rd 2 game

LSHC RR4: Dublin v Kilkenny

May 25th

Round Robin SFC1 x 2 games

May 26th


June 1st

Round Robin SFC Rd2 x 2 games

Tailteann Cup Rd 3 game

June 8th

Tailteann Cup Preliminary Quarter Finals x 2 games

June 15th

Round Robin SFC Rd 3 x 2 games

Tailteann Cup Quarter Finals x 2 games

June 16th

Round Robin SFC Rd 3 x 1 game

June 22nd/23rd

AISFC Preliminary Quarter Finals x 4 games

June 29th

AISFC Quarter finals x 2 games