Competitive hurling championships in Tipperary helped by structures says Cullen

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The structure of the Tipperary county championships are working very well.

That’s according to Tipperary county board PRO Jonathan Cullen.

Of the 72 group stage games in the county hurling championships, just 10 games have finished with a winning margin greater than 12 points.

Jonathan Cullen says the games this year have been very close:

“There hasn’t been many mismatches for want of a better word, they actually have been very close.

“If you take Holycross/Ballycahill for instance, they only lost a number of their games by a point or two points.

“It’s all on the day and it’s all down to a bit of luck or a bit of misfortune or maybe a chance that went wide or whatever.

“I think the games are very even at the moment, the groups of 16 are proving to be very successful and it has teams playing at the right level for themselves at the moment.”