Barrett says too many people are coming onto the field of play

Photo © Pixabay

The role of the Maor Foirne at GAA matches may be set to change.

At present they can run onto the field to pass messages to players during a game.

However, a proposal to penalise members of management who enter the field without the referee’s permission will be voted on at next month’s GAA congress.

Ardfinnan’s Willie Barrett is National Referee Development Chair.

“I would have a strong belief that there are too many people coming onto the field of play during games for whatever reason. An injury happens and suddenly 7 or 8 people are on the field of play.”

“The idea is that the Maor Foirne – or in actual fact anyone coming onto the field of play – without the referees permission would be shown a yellow card. Following on from that he would be ordered to the pitch enclosure for a second infraction where he would take no further action in the game. The idea is to cut back on the number of people coming onto the field of play.”