Bennett relives hell of Tour de France mountain stages

Tour de France Green Jersey and dual stage winner Sam Bennett has been speaking about the effort it takes to finish the three week long race.

The Carrick on Suir rider joined Ronan Quirke on last night’s Extra Time here on Tipp FM.

The 29 year old – like all of the sprinters – struggled to make the time limit on the mountains.

“There were days I was struggling and I’ll tell you I was in bits.”

“I thought I wasn’t going to make it – there were times I was gone past legs burning, lactate and everything. I was just in a world of pain and like ‘right this is life as I know it for the next few hours – it’s not going to get easier. I can’t stop, I can’t lose this and I can’t let them break me’ so I just had to hang in.”

“It was just like what felt like a couple of months later the bloody stage finished and then the night or until the next stage just felt like five minutes.”