Burncourt Celtic manager says current TSDL season can still be finished

Photo: Pixabay

A local soccer manager says he hopes the current season can still be finished as long as it’s safe to do so.

Seán Coffey who manages Burncourt Celtic says the league is at a very advanced stage and could still reach a conclusion.

This week the Waterford and Limerick Junior Leagues were cancelled but Sean believes the TSDL can wait a little longer before making any decision:

“The interesting thing about the TSDL is they’re a very, very long way in to the season and they’re so close to having it finished, which is a true tradition of the TSDL – it’s incredibly well run.

“There are some teams with a number of games to be played, but the vast majority don’t have a lot of games to play.

“So my view is that, if it can be done safely, bearing in mind that everybody involved’s safety is paramount and must come first, but if we can satisfy that then yes.”

Seán also says it is still possible to play the games that matter in the short window proposed by the FAI:

“I guess the real challenge of this is – I’m looking at the window and I’m told it’s the third week of August and it must finish by the first week of October. So, it’s not the biggest window in the world, it’s six weeks to try and get all those games played.

“But a great solution would be for those top teams to play each other. And it’s the same for the other leagues – whether it’s relegation battles or title battles – they should do the same thing.”