A Quick Cuppa with … Una Healy

Hugely talented singer/songwriter, mum of two and proud Tipperary women who, despite all her success, still finds it hard to take a compliment! – that’s why we love her!


Whats your favourite item of clothing?

My leather jacket!

Whats your favourite 80s song?

Oh.. well the Christmas number 1 in 1981, the year I was born, was Human League – ‘Dont you want me’ – its a real classic 80s song so I’ll say that!

Who did you last compliment and when?

Gosh I can’t remember – that sounds really bad doesn’t it?! Im the worst myself; I can’t take a compliment at all! – If someone says something nice, I just say ‘oh this old thing?….. mumble yeah yeah….’ – one of those type of answers!

But you know when you walk into a room and it smells really nice as someone is wearing a really nice perfume and I’d say whats that smell? I’d take down the details as I’m big into perfume and I always want to know what the brand is…!

If you weren’t in your current job, what would you be doing?

God knows! It could be anything! I’ve tried so many things! – Maybe Radio!

So if you were a new crayon in the box, what colour would you be and why?

Ooh.. crayons always remind me of being a child – my favourite colour combination is pink and purple so I’d find it hard to choose – Id have to go with both – and scribble with them at the same time !

What song tells the story of your life?

That is so hard! Its impossible to find a song to do all that! But I left school in 1999 and the song Class of ’99: Wear Sunscreen was out and I loved it, with all the advice that was given, and I thought it was really appropriate for us! No one else got to have a special song for the year that they left school so I felt very lucky to be part of a year group that got our own song!


Are you a coffee or tea person?

Tea definitely – strong tea!

Who’s the most famous person’s number in your phone book?

Oh I’m not really one of those people who speaks to famous people that much …. can I say the other Saturday girls?

What was your last meal?

A Sandwich and a punnet of fruit!

Last TV programme you watched?

Derry Girls! Its really funny – I’m catching up on the series at the moment,watching all the episodes in a row!

What would you do if you found €5 on the street?

I’d do the Lotto!

And Finally… Finish this sentence…. All I want is…..?

Peace x


Una’s New Single ‘Never see me cry’ is out now
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