Nenagh Ormond coach hopeful Energia Community Series can be completed

Photo from Pixabay

There’s hopes that some competitive rugby can be played in Tipperary before next September.

The Energia community series began last September, to allow games to continue between teams on a regional basis.

However, restrictions in October halted the competition.

Nenagh Ormond were top of Munster Conference 2 with three games remaining and following the cancellation of this season’s AIL, Nenagh Ormond head coach Ivan Muldoon is hopeful that the final three games can be played:

“Hopefully there might be a window of opportunity there again behind closed doors to play the Munster conference, which we were top of the league in.

“There might be a window to play those three or four games left in that maybe later on, closer to the summer or the late spring.

“If that happens, great, but again if it doesn’t, it’s not the end of the world.

“We see what’s going on and we need to respect the vulnerable in society and look, if we can come back stronger and this time six months from now we are back training full-time, it’d be great.”