Kennedy: Tipperary’s system not producing the type of player needed for the top level

Photo from Kevin Hanly.

‘Tipperary’s system isn’t producing the type of players needed for senior inter county level’, according to a local analyst.

JJ Kennedy has been giving his thoughts to Tipp FM following Sunday’s 18-point defeat to Cork in the Munster senior huling championship.

The Premier have had underage success in recent times, including an Under 21 All-Ireland in 2018 and an Under 20 All-Ireland in 2019.

However, speaking on last night’s Extra-Time, JJ Kennedy has questioned if our system of developing players is adequate:

“The underage pathway, I’m not convinced that there is a type of coordination going on there between our seniors and our U20s and our U17s that would develop the type of players that we need.

“I’m not pointing the finger at any individual there by the way, it’s just a general comment on the system because we have to face reality, when you look at it, the system isn’t producing the type of players that we need to survive at senior inter county level.”