Hogan: Squad depth will be key for Tipperary in 2024

Photo from Kevin Hanly via Canva.com.

Squad depth will be key for the Tipperary senior hurlers this year according to a local analyst.

Ken Hogan has been giving his thoughts as Liam Cahill’s side gear up for the start of the league on the first weekend of February.

The Premier used 32 players in the Munster hurling league, with regulars such Ronan Maher and Noel McGrath among others yet to feature.

Former Tipp manager Ken Hogan says it’s important to have players as fresh as possible as the year wears on:

“There was question marks last year at the tail end of the year, ‘had players gone stale? Had they gone out of form? Had we put too much in to the earlier stages of the year?’

“I think Liam (Cahill) will be conscious of the fact that he won’t have a situation where he’s going to overuse them (experienced players) and that they will come into the championship hungry, fresh and ready to sustain a full championship season, that is the big thing.”